Why should/would you invest in student housing?

Arkitektus’ Campus Equity offers unique investment opportunities. Instead of focussing on the main real estate market, Campus Equity focusses on student housing, a growing sub-market in real estate with huge potential.

Student housing is compared to other investmentplans quite safe because of various reasons. We’ll sum up some of the most important reasons.

  • The number of students keeps on growing, not only in Germany but also in Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • Students tend to study longer due to curriculum changes, extended master studies, …
  • Relatively low registration fees
  • Students are looking for modern, well maintained accommodations. Renovating and upgrading are major key words in this sector.

A fitting investment

At Arkitektus we are certain that investing in our Campus Equity student housing is a safe bet.

Investing in student housing is a perfect fit in a portfolio filled with movable assets and real estate. In fact this type of investment forms a bridge between those two categories.

A big part of the certainty in this investment is the fact that, nine out of ten, the parents pay the student costs of their child(ren). This creates stability, so there’s really no need to worry.

Personal advice

As an investor at Arkitektus Campus Equity you can rely on our professionals who’ll give you personal advice and information. You will also be invited to attend general and special meetings. We only work and act transparently. Communication and involvement are the pillars on which our company stands.


A fitting investment

It’s our drive to give young people the accommodation they need to learn and live that makes us invest in new student housing projects and renovating current ones.

Let us invest together in the future of the world; young people. Together we’ll stop the growing shortage of good and affordable housing for students. Not only the students will benefit of these investments. The environment will benefit even more! The buildings that are being build by Arkitektus GmbH are near energy neutral thanks to the Zero-Ready technology developed by Mopac Systems International.

Long story short, we would like to:

  • continue investing in student housing opportunities
  • offer students a comfortable and affordable place to study/live
  • contribute to this real estate sub-market with professional, well developed buildings

By doing all of the above we’ll inevitably invest in the future of the youth.

How can you be a part of this?

After investing with Campus Equity you will become co-owner of the student housing developed by Arkitektus GmbH. The invested amount will be optimized by Arkitektus GmbH Campus Equity. Optimization will mostly mean developing new real estate in this niche-market. Besides new buildings the funds will be used for renovation.

As an associate of our company you’ll profit monthly from rent flows.

So, how do you become an associate? Well, that’s easy!

  • You decide the amount you are willing to invest
  • Forms have to be filled in, we need a copy of your ID-card
  • You’ll receive a confirmation letter with the number of shares you are entitled to
  • You receive a payment invitation for the deposit


  • The full amount will be brought into the company via a capital increase. (by notary deed)

After that you are a fellow-shareholder at Arkitektus GmbH’ Campus Equity. There will be no payments, capital will be reinvested. Payments (invested amount + capitalization) will take place when the shares are sold.


Why invest in Arkitektus/Campus Equity?

First of all, you will be investing in a company that has been building and developing social housing and general housing for many years now. We recently entered the student housing market due to various opportunities we were offered in Germany. Arkitektus, the Uni Aachen Campus Jülich and the local government decided to work together in creating much needed student housing.

Our student housing portfolio will keep growing the coming years thanks to this relationship, which is also a direct benefit for you, as our soon to be associate!

Other advantages

Compared to classic real estate investments the initial deposit doesn’t have to be high, you can always deposit more later on. You can be an associate of Arkitektus/ Campus Equity starting from €35.000.

Because of our building partners and their technology (Mopac Systems International – Zero Ready) we have the opportunity to build the dorms and houses at a lower rate, this results in a higher sale-profit.

You don’t have to worry about a thing, the maintenance will be taken care of by third parties. The rent will be collected automatically. So sit back and relax!

We believe that the stability of the real estate market, and especially the rapidly growing student housing niche-market, will give you a perfect alternative for your dormant assets.

We are already planning to develop and build more student houses in big student cities all over Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Especially where there’s a growing shortage of modern, comfortable and affordable dorms.

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Our portfolio

At this moment Arkitektus GmbH/ Campus Equity owns 240 dorms located in 2 buildings at the FH Aachen Campus Jülich. The total net worth of these buildings is €22.300.000,00.

Campus Equity is a company that develops and rents student houses. As an associate you will be investing in over 200 dorms (and counting) in various popular student cities.