Our student complex in Jülich, Aachen

Forget everything you know about student housing, Arkitektus raises the bar with a new, ultra luxurious, student concept. Arkitektus GmbH works closely with the University itself, therefore we have a high occupation rate and a clear idea about what students need to learn and live in full comfort.

  • Student hotel within walking distance from the Jülich-campus.
  • 240 rooms
  • A near energy neutral building
  • Bring your luggage, the rest is already there!
  • washing machine
  • television
  • personal kitchen and shower
  • and many more!

The layout

Main features

Together with Olga Jost from Jost engineering and architecture we’ve designed a building that connects. Connecting in all possible ways; people, activities, (school)work, …

  • Main atruim with study opportunities
  • We designed everything based on student inquiries
  • The building has tree floors
  • Relax outside of your dorm in a green environment
  • Grab a coffee or eat lunch without leaving the premises
  • Lecture halls, fitness, …

The dorms

Dorm room floor plan

As mentioned earlier every student will have a personal cooking area and bathroom. All the rooms can be accessed from the main atrium that connects everything with everyone.

There are four main areas in each dorm;

  • Living area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Storage room

Dorm rooms

Besides taking care of basic needs for every student that stays in our student hotel, Arkitektus GmbH provides a lot of extras to keep young people busy and in shape!

  • Free WiFi throughout the whole complex
  • Kitchen and personal shower in each dorm
  • Fitness and wellness areas
  • Coffee corner
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Laundromat
  • Modern and luxurious rooms