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Arkitektus ...

Arkitektus is an independent real estate investment company focusing on energy neutral living environments. Arkitektus is founded by Dirk Arnauts.

Arkitektus acquires, renovates, invests and manages real estate assets throughout Germany and the Benelux. We specialise in project development from site scouting to delivery and investment management. To do so, we work with professionals from all areas in the industry. We develop energy neutral living environments, because we are convinced that a healthier, comfortable living environment experience helps us improve the quality of life.

Assets range from low rise multi family, retail, office and commercial spaces. Our organization focuses on solid markets with unique projects that have value added components such as Co2 and energy neutral living increasing the value of the property and the investment.

To achieve this goal, we us a combination of innovative building technologies. With the use of high level prefab components, we are able to build fast and efficient.